Do You Really Need An Attorney?

Yes, you do, especially if your claim has been denied. Do not accept "no" without seeking the advice of an experienced attorney. Insurance Companies will tell you no; the Social Security Administration will tell you no, but no does not have to be the last word on your case.

Workers Compensation Claims:
If you have suffered an on the job injury, you need to know your legal rights. Your employer's workers' compensation company has attorneys that will protect their legal interests. You should have someone on your side protecting you. We have obtained settlements for many of our clients whose workers' compensation claim was initially denied.

Social Security Disability Claims:
If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied you should not give up. The Social Security Laws and Regulations are complicated and complex. Sometimes they are difficult to understand. An experienced attorney can help take the frustration and stress out of the appeals process. Don't give up, get help.

12 Ways Peace & Associates Can Help You
  1. Gather Advice
  2. Generate new evidence, if needed
  3. Respond to negative evidence
  4. File appeals as appropriate
  5. Research legal issues specific to your case
  6. Prepare briefs, memos, and/or Motions to the Court
  7. Argue for you in Court
  8. Submit evidence on your behalf
  9. Examine Witnesses
  10. Negotiate the best settlement
  11. Preserve issues for future appeals
  12. Help you receive all of the benefits that you are legally entitled to receive
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